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Your Gift Will Support the Growth of our new church in Barrow

When we purchased the building we use as our church, the rooms were laid out for a residential home and not for a church facility. Due to various factors, we are not able to change the footprint of the building, so the Arctic SDA church has worked with architects and builders to develop a plan to optimize the building space so it can be best utilized to serve the community.

Currently, the church feels like a personal residence instead of a community gathering place, and we would like to change it so that people feel as at ease when they come into the space. Also, with the current layout of the building, we barely have enough space for all our church family to meet, so this remodel will enable us to better utilize the meeting space and have room for growth. Once renovated, we look forward to using the space to host more community outreaches in our own building without having to rent other facilities in town as frequently.
We are planning to renovate the building to include two classrooms on the main floor, with a kitchen and two bathrooms. The plan is to create dormers to provide more ceiling height upstairs. We will knock out the rooms on the top floor to make a large sanctuary meeting space. Some windows and doors, on both floors, will have to move in the process. We will also have to replace some of the existing utilities that are old and dying. Any help you can provide would be such a blessing! This project could not happen without the support of church members and those around the country who are joining us in this work in the most Northern town in the United States!